Tuesday, June 28, 2011

taco night. nothin' fancy.

I learned a new skill today.

This changed my life. You have no idea. You see, Old Amy used to chop the whole tomato and place the pieces in a bowl for taco toppings in this seedy, watery mess that made taco eating about a 6 on the Messy Scale (which, as we all know, is a scale of 1-10).

Those days are over. BEHOLD!


Please note the jolly seed ball. And the fresh, whole tomatoes waiting to be cut so nicely in the same fashion.


Yes. This is the way it is meant to be.

If you're wondering how I achieved this greatness but have yet to watch the video above... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Sorry for the poor quality... I didn't make it. And I was still able to learn something.


Amazing. Taco Night can now be a little less messy (maybe a 3??). Let's hope.


  1. Great post and pictures! If you want to cut down on waste, you can also halve the tomato, cutting across the "equator." This will expose the seeds. Squeeze (not squish) the tomato slightly and shake over the sink or garbage can. Most of the seeds will come out and you can scoop the remainder out with your finger if needed. You can slice and dice as needed for your recipe. Especially helpful if you are roasting the tomatoes. This way you get the most meat from your tomato!

  2. Thanks Christina! That's really helpful and it actually sounds easier than what I did. I'll try that next time!